Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jump ahead to now

Just thought I'd give a quick view of what our life has seen in the last week. These are pictures and videos from my phone. 

Silly selfies

Exploring the trails that are so close to where we live!

Great roots!

Levitating leaves

Daring log crossing

Daring log pondering
Silly selfies II
Sweet Hannah

Bros 'n Bugs

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jessi w/ another update

I just updated our personal blog with pics. from Arizona and my bump. If anyone wants any of the pictures from the hikes we went on or the nativity let me know. I can e mail or put them on facebook?! Whichever would work easiest!

Monday, February 11, 2013

B & J & Baby G

So this is the only picture I have of my bump on my computer. Imagine this, but twice as big now! The other pictures are on my camera still and I'm being lazy. :) It's definately "popped" to us tho. We feel baby G movin all the time now! Such a neat feeling! (We call her baby G for baby girl)This was at 17 1/2 weeks, currently I'm 19 weeks.
I went to Georgia just over a week ago to visit my mom and dad. We had a BLAST! We went baby shopping and spent hours in the store Buy Buy Baby learning all about the best car seats and strollers! I feel so educated now! :) There was a tornado 60 miles north of Atlanta while we were there so we drove up to see some of the damage. When I got back to California Lesley took me to Sea World with 2 of the grandkids. SO MUCH FUN! I love the animals there! They are so beautiful! Other than that I work in the temple with Lesley Friday mornings. Still running/walking most days, staying busy by hanging out with Lesley and running errands with her. She has been SO awesome and kind to me. Brad LOVES the internship!! Learns more there everyday than he has in all of his college education. Loves all the guys at the office, so he looks forward to going into work. He has a flexible schedule so he's able to come home early some days and we can chill and go do stuff around San Diego. It's So pretty here and we are so grateful we're not in Rexburg for the winter! :) Love you guys up there, but I love the weather and scenery here much better.

The Briggski's

So I thought I would post since no one has in a while- so here's an update with us!
Ryan and I are both in school. We aren't working we are both taking 17 credits so our schedules are busy with homework, tests, quizzes, and 20 min naps. We love hanging out with nillerd and J.T., it is so fun to see nellie's cute little baby bump (jessi and natalie-lets see pictures) i mostly like it because she is finally has a bigger belly than me! haha jk jk Ryan and i went skiing and snowboarding this weekend-thanks my more the Christmas day pass. It was a lot of fun, i snowboarded and Ry went skiing at the end we decided to switch and go down a diamond (not my idea) lets just say it was rough and i hat skiing- Ryan will probably say the same about snowboarding. Overall though it was really fun. Ryan graduates next July with his bachelors in Exercise Science WOOHOO! He has worked so hard and now he is so close! I am going to try to finish as well I only have about 23 credits left so I am going to bust through them next semester and try to finish up because we are moving to WA...I am pretty sure. We both feel really good about moving there and Ryan starting a program to get MRI certified and then go to school for either Radiology or Nuclear Medicine. (I know you guys probably are confused because it was PT then PA and now this- but i feel really good about him doing these and if it changes again then it changes again-we will figure it out. ) But i think he will do great at either of those and I didn't think I would be excited to move to WA or for Ryan to start the program but I am happy and excited. I hopefully can get a job (as well as ryan) in WA. I hope to still do dental hygiene but for now I think we have to put that aside for a while until we make some money and ryan has started school again, if things dont work out which i hope they do work out- i kind of want to be a health educator/specialist and work with international public health issues or be a Personal trainer haha. but for now who knows what will happen. Anyways we love life and miss all you guys and hope everyone is doing great! 

P.S. i have class and didn't have time to check my spelling so sorry in advance! haha I tag all of you to post something!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sock it to ya!

Noelle and Ryan were in charge of the games for Sat. night. It was a Sock Showdown. This video was the most intense battle fighting for the title of Sock king. The last ones standing were Dru, Justin, and Jon (Ben was out for the night due to an unfortunate encounter with a nut). 

  After the initial battle, we had a few one-on-one battles with spouses.
                                                                     Ryan vs. Noelle

                                                                   Brad vs. Jessi 

Jon vs. Nicole

Justin vs. Nellie 

                                                                        Dad vs. Mom 

                                                            Just for fun, Noelle vs. Jessi

                                             The crowned and reigning Sock King is JUSTIN.

A Night from Samoa

Justin and Nellie were in charge of teaching us some dances from Samoa, he He Mele No Lilo and the Haka. The boys were very impressed with the girls as were the girls equally impressed with the boys. 

Thanks for sharing Nellie and Justin!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They Are Here!

My pictures have finally come! Some are posted on facebook and the rest on on this website... if you need the password it is love. We look weird in some but for the most part I love them! She did an awesome job! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

BIG things are coming!

( ryan and i won matching shirts at the suns game earlier this week... i thought it was appropriate due to the circumstances! haha)
It's official i am engaged and will be married to Ryan Briggs March 16, 2012! BOO-YA! i am soooo excited and couldn't be happier. He proposed friday night December 30th during a long walk we had been on at the gilbert riparian and he popped the question! I was shocked i for sure thought he would wait till i went to seattle. it was a total surprise and i loved it, and i loved the ring he did a great job, and i just love him! He is truly amazing and i am just so happy! I cant wait for you all to meet him!!!!